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Singapore Companies Act

Dispensing Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Singapore Companies

dispensing of AGM

If your company is a private limited company, you may dispense with the holding of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) by following the procedures for dispensation: Continue reading “Dispensing Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Singapore Companies”

Certificate of Incorporation of Singapore Companies


ACRA (Singapore Registrar of Companies) doesn’t issue any Certificate of Incorporation at time of incorporation and an e-notification of incorporation is generated electronically, which bears no signatures. Continue reading “Certificate of Incorporation of Singapore Companies”

Abolishment of Authorised Capital and Share Premium for Singapore Companies


In most of commonwealth countries, there is this concept of authorised capital. Authorised capital refers to the maximum permissible amount of capital up to which the share capital of the company can be increased. Continue reading “Abolishment of Authorised Capital and Share Premium for Singapore Companies”

Transfer of shares in a Singapore Company simplified – DIY


Transfer of shares in  Singapore private limited companies is a fairly easy process and your consultant may be charging a fortune for the same. This post will be explaining the procedures for the same if you wish to do it yourself. Continue reading “Transfer of shares in a Singapore Company simplified – DIY”

Mandatory annual return (ACRA) annual tax (IRAS) filings for Singapore companies and AGM deadline

Considering that you have no other transactions during the year and you wish to take care of your annual filing yourself these are the mandatory annual filing requirements you must be aware of regarding your Singapore company. Continue reading “Mandatory annual return (ACRA) annual tax (IRAS) filings for Singapore companies and AGM deadline”

Eleven Interesting Facts About Share Capital in Singapore

Sometimes it can be tricky if you are not aware with share capital provisions in Singapore. Here are few points you must be aware of: Continue reading “Eleven Interesting Facts About Share Capital in Singapore”

Business Activity (SSIC code) of Singapore Companies

Normally object clause of memorandum of association of Singapore companies is kept very wide and it covers almost all legal businesses. However at the time of reservation of name, the Singapore Standard Industrial Classification (SSIC) code of the business activity has to be lodged with ACRA. A customised description of the activity is optional. This business activity/description is reflected on the business profile of the company. Continue reading “Business Activity (SSIC code) of Singapore Companies”

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