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Model Constitution for Singapore Companies


Model Constitution-01With new year, ACRA has revamped its Bizfile website and rebranded it as Bizfile+ (Bizfile Plus). Simultaneously legislative changes as announced previously have also kicked in. Memorandum and Articles of association of the Singapore companies will be replaced by a single document called CONSTITUTION.  Continue reading “Model Constitution for Singapore Companies”

All you need to know about Singapore Company Incorporation, Registration or Establishment – A Step by Step Guide and DIY TIPS

There is a lot of information about Singapore company setup or formation all over the internet, however it is scattered all over the place and this is an attempt to summarize the relevant information at one place to provide overview of all the basic information as well as incidental and ancillary matters at a glance as well as DIY TIPS. Continue reading “All you need to know about Singapore Company Incorporation, Registration or Establishment – A Step by Step Guide and DIY TIPS”

Steps to Incorporate a Singapore Subsidiary Company

Singapore Subsidiary

If you are willing to incorporate a Singapore subsidiary for your overseas company, this infographics lists out the steps that will be involved in such a decision making for the incorporation. Continue reading “Steps to Incorporate a Singapore Subsidiary Company”

Checklist for Incorporating a Company in Singapore

Checklist for incorporating a company in singapore

This is a complete checklist for incorporation of a Singapore Company.

Anything else anyone asks you is an additional requirement from that person and ACRA doesn’t require it. Continue reading “Checklist for Incorporating a Company in Singapore”

3000+ Singapore company formation per month! why?


I am not sure which question to ask first- Did you know? or Did you know why?

Well, here are major reasons for the longer question: Continue reading “3000+ Singapore company formation per month! why?”

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