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Complete guide to Singapore Company annual compliances

Over past two weeks, I have published a series of blog posts regarding annual compliance requirements and related items for Singapore companies which contain various infographics. I am pleased to announce that we, in collaboration with ECRA Pte Ltd, have compiled and published the infographics in form of a pdf guide. Continue reading “Complete guide to Singapore Company annual compliances”

Share Certificate of Singapore Companies

Share certificate

A Share Certificate is a legal document issued by a Company to its shareholders which confirms the ownership or title regarding the shares as mentioned on the share certificates.
Continue reading “Share Certificate of Singapore Companies”

Common Seal of Singapore Companies

Common Seal of Singapore Company
Commonwealth countries have traditionally been making it mandatory to have a common seal.
Recently requirement to have a common seal has been abolished by some of the countries.
However as per Singapore laws, it is mandatory for every Singapore registered company to have a common seal.
Continue reading “Common Seal of Singapore Companies”

How to get documents apostille or legalized in Singapore


Apostille is a very usual way of authentication of documentation for uses overseas. Most common uses of such apostille documents being- opening of bank account overseas, opening of subsidiary company/branch offices overseas, GST/VAT registration overseas etc. Continue reading “How to get documents apostille or legalized in Singapore”

Abolishment of Authorised Capital and Share Premium for Singapore Companies


In most of commonwealth countries, there is this concept of authorised capital. Authorised capital refers to the maximum permissible amount of capital up to which the share capital of the company can be increased. Continue reading “Abolishment of Authorised Capital and Share Premium for Singapore Companies”

Allotment of shares in Singapore Company – Cash allotment- DIY


In many countries, before any allotment can be made, you will need to check the authorized capital of the company to ensure that the allotment will not beach the authorized capital limit. But here is the good news in case you didn’t know- the concept of authorized capital has been abolished in Singapore and Singapore registered companies are allowed to increase their capital to any limits merely by way of allotment. Continue reading “Allotment of shares in Singapore Company – Cash allotment- DIY”

Change of Registered Office address of a Singapore Company – DIY & FAQ


All Singapore registered companies are required to have a local registered office.  Any change in registered office address of the company must be filed with ACRA within 14 days of such change, failing which penalties will be imposed by ACRA. Continue reading “Change of Registered Office address of a Singapore Company – DIY & FAQ”

Getting a PAN card in India for a Singapore Registered Company


If your Company is incorporated in Singapore and you are having transactions in India, it is highly likely that you will need to have an income tax PAN (Permanent Account Number) from income tax department in India. Continue reading “Getting a PAN card in India for a Singapore Registered Company”

Eleven Interesting Facts About Share Capital in Singapore

Sometimes it can be tricky if you are not aware with share capital provisions in Singapore. Here are few points you must be aware of: Continue reading “Eleven Interesting Facts About Share Capital in Singapore”

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