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Items to be taken up in a Singapore Company AGM

agm items-01.png

This blog post and infographics summarizes the mandatory items to be discussed during a Singapore company AGM, irrespective of whether convened in writing or by way of physical meeting. Continue reading “Items to be taken up in a Singapore Company AGM”

Steps in convening a Singapore Company AGM

steps in AGM-01

All Singapore companies are required to convene Annual General Meeting (AGM) for every financial year end. Lack of experience or knowledge about steps in AGM can cause unnecessary delays. Continue reading “Steps in convening a Singapore Company AGM”

Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) Guide


This guide explains the ECI (Estimated Chargeable Income) filing requirements as well as guidelines in a nutshell for Singapore companies.
Continue reading “Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) Guide”

Annual Compliance Calendar for Singapore Companies

Annual Compliance Calender-01

Annual Compliances:

Annual compliance actions are the actions required to be undertaken by a Singapore company every year in order to comply with local laws and keep the company live. Continue reading “Annual Compliance Calendar for Singapore Companies”

Steps in striking off a Singapore Company- a video guide

A short video guide on steps in striking off a Singapore Company.

Striking off is the cheapest and fastest method of closing down a Singapore Company. This one minute video guide explains the basic criteria and procedures to be followed in striking off a Singapore company in a nutshell.

Continue reading “Steps in striking off a Singapore Company- a video guide”

ESOPify your organization!

Employee Stock Option Plan/Scheme Solutions to retain your Workforce!

May the WorkForce be with you!

Share Certificate of Singapore Companies

Share certificate

A Share Certificate is a legal document issued by a Company to its shareholders which confirms the ownership or title regarding the shares as mentioned on the share certificates.
Continue reading “Share Certificate of Singapore Companies”

Common Seal of Singapore Companies

Common Seal of Singapore Company
Commonwealth countries have traditionally been making it mandatory to have a common seal.
Recently requirement to have a common seal has been abolished by some of the countries.
However as per Singapore laws, it is mandatory for every Singapore registered company to have a common seal.
Continue reading “Common Seal of Singapore Companies”

ACRA Business Profile (Certificate of Incumbency) of Singapore Company


If you are having a Singapore Company or liaising regularly with a Singapore Company, Business Profile is the most common document that you will frequently come across.

Continue reading “ACRA Business Profile (Certificate of Incumbency) of Singapore Company”

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