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Complete guide to Singapore Company annual compliances

Over past two weeks, I have published a series of blog posts regarding annual compliance requirements and related items for Singapore companies which contain various infographics. I am pleased to announce that we, in collaboration with ECRA Pte Ltd, have compiled and published the infographics in form of a pdf guide. Continue reading “Complete guide to Singapore Company annual compliances”

Annual Income Tax Return Filings for Singapore Companies

Tax Return Filing-01

Tax return filing is as important as ACRA annual return filings for Singapore Companies. A failure to file will result in court summons to be issued by IRAS for non compliance of filing requirements. Therefore it is necessary for company directors to understand what options they have for tax filing compliances. Continue reading “Annual Income Tax Return Filings for Singapore Companies”

Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) Guide


This guide explains the ECI (Estimated Chargeable Income) filing requirements as well as guidelines in a nutshell for Singapore companies.
Continue reading “Estimated Chargeable Income (ECI) Guide”

Annual Compliance Calendar for Singapore Companies

Annual Compliance Calender-01

Annual Compliances:

Annual compliance actions are the actions required to be undertaken by a Singapore company every year in order to comply with local laws and keep the company live. Continue reading “Annual Compliance Calendar for Singapore Companies”

IRAS Stamp duty (e-stamping) on transfer of shares


This post is in furtherance to my previous post regarding transfer of shares.  Continue reading “IRAS Stamp duty (e-stamping) on transfer of shares”

Mandatory annual return (ACRA) annual tax (IRAS) filings for Singapore companies and AGM deadline

Considering that you have no other transactions during the year and you wish to take care of your annual filing yourself these are the mandatory annual filing requirements you must be aware of regarding your Singapore company. Continue reading “Mandatory annual return (ACRA) annual tax (IRAS) filings for Singapore companies and AGM deadline”

Striking off criteria for closing down Singapore company


Striking off is considered as the cheapest fastest and easiest method of closing down a Singapore Company. All of the prescribed criteria as per this chart must be met before the company can submit striking off application with ACRA. Continue reading “Striking off criteria for closing down Singapore company”

Consider incorporating a LLP instead of a Singapore Private Limited Company


Limited Liability Partnerships (LLP) are relatively new form of business organisation which has been allowed recently in Singapore. They combine the unique feature of a partnership merged in to concept of limited companies. Continue reading “Consider incorporating a LLP instead of a Singapore Private Limited Company”

First Three Years Income Tax Exemption for Newly Incorporated Singapore Companies


For first three years, first S$100,000 of profits is tax free every year, and
For First three years, next S$200,000 of profit (over and above exempt S$100,000 i.e. 100k+200K) will be charged at half of normal income tax rates

Normal rates of income tax in Singapore is only 17%. Continue reading “First Three Years Income Tax Exemption for Newly Incorporated Singapore Companies”

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