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How to get documents apostille or legalized in Singapore


Apostille is a very usual way of authentication of documentation for uses overseas. Most common uses of such apostille documents being- opening of bank account overseas, opening of subsidiary company/branch offices overseas, GST/VAT registration overseas etc. Continue reading “How to get documents apostille or legalized in Singapore”

Infographics: Legalization of documents in Singapore

Legalization infographics

Detailed information about can be obtained by clicking this link regarding legalization procedure. Continue reading “Infographics: Legalization of documents in Singapore”

Getting a PAN card in India for a Singapore Registered Company


If your Company is incorporated in Singapore and you are having transactions in India, it is highly likely that you will need to have an income tax PAN (Permanent Account Number) from income tax department in India. Continue reading “Getting a PAN card in India for a Singapore Registered Company”

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