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Model Constitution for Singapore Companies


Model Constitution-01With new year, ACRA has revamped its Bizfile website and rebranded it as Bizfile+ (Bizfile Plus). Simultaneously legislative changes as announced previously have also kicked in. Memorandum and Articles of association of the Singapore companies will be replaced by a single document called CONSTITUTION.  Continue reading “Model Constitution for Singapore Companies”

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Share Certificate of Singapore Companies

Share certificate

A Share Certificate is a legal document issued by a Company to its shareholders which confirms the ownership or title regarding the shares as mentioned on the share certificates.
Continue reading “Share Certificate of Singapore Companies”

Common Seal of Singapore Companies

Common Seal of Singapore Company
Commonwealth countries have traditionally been making it mandatory to have a common seal.
Recently requirement to have a common seal has been abolished by some of the countries.
However as per Singapore laws, it is mandatory for every Singapore registered company to have a common seal.
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ACRA Business Profile (Certificate of Incumbency) of Singapore Company


If you are having a Singapore Company or liaising regularly with a Singapore Company, Business Profile is the most common document that you will frequently come across.

Continue reading “ACRA Business Profile (Certificate of Incumbency) of Singapore Company”

All you need to know about Singapore Company Incorporation, Registration or Establishment – A Step by Step Guide and DIY TIPS

There is a lot of information about Singapore company setup or formation all over the internet, however it is scattered all over the place and this is an attempt to summarize the relevant information at one place to provide overview of all the basic information as well as incidental and ancillary matters at a glance as well as DIY TIPS. Continue reading “All you need to know about Singapore Company Incorporation, Registration or Establishment – A Step by Step Guide and DIY TIPS”

Dispensing Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Singapore Companies

dispensing of AGM

If your company is a private limited company, you may dispense with the holding of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) by following the procedures for dispensation: Continue reading “Dispensing Annual General Meeting (AGM) of Singapore Companies”

Certificate of Incorporation of Singapore Companies


ACRA (Singapore Registrar of Companies) doesn’t issue any Certificate of Incorporation at time of incorporation and an e-notification of incorporation is generated electronically, which bears no signatures. Continue reading “Certificate of Incorporation of Singapore Companies”

How to get documents apostille or legalized in Singapore


Apostille is a very usual way of authentication of documentation for uses overseas. Most common uses of such apostille documents being- opening of bank account overseas, opening of subsidiary company/branch offices overseas, GST/VAT registration overseas etc. Continue reading “How to get documents apostille or legalized in Singapore”

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