Share certificate

A Share Certificate is a legal document issued by a Company to its shareholders which confirms the ownership or title regarding the shares as mentioned on the share certificates.

Singapore Company: What are mandatory requirements regarding Share certificates?

It is mandatory for all Singapore Companies to issue share certificates to its shareholder under the common seal of the Company. Normal contents of share certificates are as under:

  1. Name of Company
  2. Registration number of Company
  3. Registered office address
  4. Share certificate number
  5. Number of shares held
  6. Name of shareholder
  7. Class of shares held
  8. Amount paid (and amount unpaid, if any) on the shares
  9. Date of issuance

Manner of Issuance of share certificates

  • Share certificates are to be issued under common seal of the Company i.e. common seal is to be affixed on it
  • Share certificates are to be signed by any two directors OR one director and one secretary

When is a new Share Certificate to be issued?

  1. Subsequent on allotment of new shares
  2. After transfer of Shares
  3. After transmission of shares
  4. After reclassification of shares
  5. After subdivision, consolidation, split of shares etc

Who keeps the Share Certificates of Singapore Company?

Share certificates, once issued, are to be delivered to and kept by the respective shareholders.

Any request for share transfer  (share transfer form) must be accompanied by the share certificates for such shares. Once transfer is complete, old share certificates are to be cancelled and new share certificates are to be issued.

All cancelled shares are to be kept by the company secretary in the secretarial files of the Company.

Whom to contact if you did not receive the shares of a Singapore Company in which you are a Shareholder?

As all Singapore Companies are required to issue share certificates to its shareholders, if you are a shareholder of any Singapore incorporated company and you have not received your share certificates, you may contact the Company Secretary of respective company for getting your share certificates.

What is to be done if the share certificate has been lost?

Since Singapore Companies are not allowed to issue bearer shares, there is no need to panic if the share certificates have been lost.

A duplicate share certificate can be issued for the lost certificates after following the procedures as prescribed in Constitution documents (Articles of Association) of the Company.

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