If you are having a Singapore Company or liaising regularly with a Singapore Company, Business Profile is the most common document that you will frequently come across.

What is a Business Profile?

Business profile is the snapshot or a summary electronic document  (bearing no signatures) containing the basic information available with ACRA about the registration details, ownership, directorship and charge information about the Company as on the date of issuance of the Business Profile.

It is an  equivalent document of Certificate of Incumbency, Company house data, Master data etc in other jurisdictions and sometimes is also referred as ACRA instant printout.

What are the details mentioned on a Business profile?

Below information as on date of Business Profile is mentioned on it:

  1. Company Registration Number
  2. Company Name
  3. Company former name (if any)
  4. Date of incorporation
  5. Status of company (e.g.-live/struck off/under liquidation etc)
  6. Business activities
  7. Capital details
  8. Registered office address and effective date of change of address
  9. Last annual filings and account dates details (if any)
  10. Auditor details
  11. Charges details
  12. Company officer details (director/secretary/managing director/manager) including address and identification nos
  13. Shareholder details including shareholding address and identification nos

Who can buy a Business Profile?

Anyone who has a singpass can purchase business profile of any entity registered with ACRA anytime since it is a public document. Since Singapass is only issued to Singapore Residents, you will need to engage services of a professional if you are a foreigner or a person not having a Singpass.

How much is the cost and process of purchasing Business Profile?

Anyone (with or without Singpass) can purchase a business profile from anywhere in the world by paying ACRA S$5.50 via ACRA Bizfile Website. All Visa and MasterCard cards are accepted and the document is delivered via email link available for download for next 48 hours.

Business profile that I purchased, do not contain any signatures or stamp of ACRA. What shall I do have it certified by ACRA?

A business profile with certificate of production can be purchased from ACRA for S$16.50 which contains ACRA stamp and signatures of ACRA officers

Where or when Business Profile is needed or used?

  • For management reference or confirmation of changes filed with ACRA to the parties involved
  • For bank account opening
  • For applying for other permits and licences etc as a supporting document for various applications
  • For overseas uses with other government authorities (might be required to be legalized/notarized)
  • For background check of parties before having commercial transactions with them

What Business Profile does not contain?

  • Other Directorships/shareholding of parties involved
  • Movement/changes in directorship/shareholding
  • Historic details (including previous director/shareholder details)
  • Financial information
  • Commercial litigation of company or its directors/shareholders
  • Other business intelligence information

If you wish to purchase a detailed report containing any other information that is not included in business profile, you may fill in the contact form below with your requirements and I will try to get back to you about it as soon as possible.