ACRA (Singapore Registrar of Companies) doesn’t issue any Certificate of Incorporation at time of incorporation and an e-notification of incorporation is generated electronically, which bears no signatures. The e-notification is e-mailed to the officers of the Company as well as the person making the incorporation filings. Normally it can be filed on page no 2 of the M&AA.


A hard copy Certificate CONFIRMING Incorporation duly signed by ACRA officer can be purchased any time and any number of times from ACRA if the documents are to be submitted somewhere overseas where the unsigned electronic copy of e-notification is not acceptable


if you wish us to purchase such a hard copy Certificate CONFIRMING Incorporation duly signed by ACRA officer you will need to login to ACRA Bizfile website and purchase it from ACRA. Once purchased, the certificate can be collected on next working day from ACRA counter after 2 PM.

Same procedure applies for companies who have changed their name and similar certificate confirming incorporation subsequent to change of name can be purchased from ACRA.


In case you do not have Singpass or you are facing any difficulty in purchasing it from ACRA you may seek assistance of a Corporate Services Provider to procure the same from ACRA for you.

You may fill in below contact from if you have any further queries in this regard.