Apostille is a very usual way of authentication of documentation for uses overseas. Most common uses of such apostille documents being- opening of bank account overseas, opening of subsidiary company/branch offices overseas, GST/VAT registration overseas etc.

Apostille doesn’t exist in Singapore

However please be informed that Singapore is not a party to The Hague Convention on Apostille.  As such the concept of apostille doesn’t not exist in Singapore.

Legalization as alternative to Apostille

In absence of  of concept of apostille, the way out is to have the documents legalized from the respective embassy of the country in which the documents are to be used.

How to get documents legalised?

If the document is in original and has been issued by any government authority:

  • Step 1: Certification by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Step 2: Legalization of document by respective Embassy

All other documents:

  • Step 1. Certified translation in to English (if the document is not in English)
  • Step 2. Notarization of document with notarial certificate
  • Step 3. Verification by Singapore Academy of Law
  • Step 4. Certification by Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Step 5. Legalization of document by respective Embassy

Normally it will take 7-10 working days to complete the whole process.

You may refer to my other blog post containing Infographics for legalization of documents.

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