All Singapore companies are required to have a locally resident company secretary (Citizen/Permanent Resident/Employment Pass holder/S Pass holder).

Who can be a Company Secretary?

  • If the company is a Private Limited Company, anybody who is capable of discharging the duties of a Company Secretary can be appointed as company secretary and no special qualification is required for such person who is being appointed as Company Secretary of the Company.
  • If the Company is a Public Company, the secretary must be having prescribed qualifications before being appointed.

When is a Company secretary needed to be appointed?

  • As per Companies Act, the position of Company Secretary shall not be vacant for a period of more than six month. Therefore a Company secretary must be appointed within six months of incorporation of the Company.
  • If the company secretary of the Company has resigned, a new company secretary must be appointed within six months of resignation date.

Other restrictions on appointment of Company secretary

  • If the Company has only one director, he can not act as the secretary of the Company. However if the company has two or more directors, any one of them can act as company secretary of the company.

It is highly recommended that the services of a reputed approved corporate services provider be obtained for acting as the Company secretary of the Company.

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