If your Company is incorporated in Singapore and you are having transactions in India, it is highly likely that you will need to have an income tax PAN (Permanent Account Number) from income tax department in India.

Income tax department (India) requirements:

Income tax department requires an apostille copy of certificate of identity (certificate of incorporation) and address proof for foreign entities.

Position in Singapore:

  1. Singapore registrar of companies (ACRA) doesn’t issue a certificate of incorporation at the time of incorporation but a merely e-mail notification of incorporation is issued at the time of incorporation (which is unacceptable for PAN no application as it bears no signatures or no seal/stamp).
  2. Singapore is not a party to the Hague convention on apostille. Hence the concept of apostille doesn’t exist in Singapore.

So what’s the solution:

  1. A hard copy certificate confirming incorporation can be purchased any time as well as any number of times from ACRA which is duly signed and stamped by ACRA and acceptable for PAN card application as proof of identity.
  2. Business profile of the Singapore company is acceptable as proof of address
  3. Above mentioned two documents are required to be legalized by Indian high commission (IHC) in Singapore and after legalization they will suffice and they will be acceptable for PAN card application.

Procedure for legalization of documents by Indian high commission (IHC) in Singapore:

  • Step 1: the documents need to be notarized with notarial certificate by a notary public in Singapore
  • Step 2: thereafter the document needs to be certified by Singapore academy of law (SAL).
  • Step 3: third step will require certification by ministry of foreign affairs (MFA)
  • Step 4: finally the documents will be certified by Indian high commission. Indian high commission will require a cover letter signed by one of officers of the company stating the intended use and need for legalization. The applications to the high commission is to be made via their authorized service centers.

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