This post is in furtherance to my previous post regarding transfer of shares. 

Rate of stamp duty on transfer of shares

Stamp duty is chargeable @0.2% of higher of the following:

  1. Consideration for transfer of shares
  2. Net Asset Value(NAV) of the shares being transferred

Time limit for stamp duty payment

  1. If the share transfer form has been executed in Singapore– within 14 days from the date of the document
  2. If the document has been executed outside Singapore– within 30 days of the arrival of documents in Singapore

Calculation of Net Asset Value (NAV) of shares

  • IRAS requires the last available balance sheet of the company (not more than 24 months old) to be used for calculation of stamp duty payable.
  • However if the date of incorporation of the company is within last 18 months, IRAS accepts the issue price of shares as net asset value.
  • NAV of all shares of the company is actually excess of total assets over total liabilities of the company. Practically you can divide the equity + retained earnings/accumulated losses  with total no of shares to arrive at NAV per share.
  • If the company has issued preference shares,  valuation per shares as well as M&AA of the company will be required to be submitted to IRAS.
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