Anyone who is more than 18 years of age and is not disqualified to be a director can act as a director in a Singapore company. These are the things you must be aware of if you wish to appoint a director in Singapore company.

Documentation required for appointment of director:

  1. Consent to act as director in the prescribed form45 (Please click on the link to download it).
  2. Directors disclosure of interest as per section 156- there is no specified format and as long as it contains details of incoming directors other directorships and shareholdings, it will be sufficient
  3. A board resolution to approve appointment- either signed minutes of physical meeting or signed directors resolution in writing

ACRA filing for appointment of director

1. If the incoming director is a local resident with singpass-

  • Step1. Any one of existing director or company secretary can login to bizfile website using his singpass and complete the filings
  • Step2. The incoming director will need to login in to bizfile website using his singpass to endorse his appointment in the endorsement section
  • Step3. The existing director/company secretary will need to login again to make payment

The appointment lodgement is complete only after making appointment.

Please remember to take printout of all the pages of lodgement including payment page for updating secretarial file.

2. If the incoming director is a foreigner (or local director without singpass):

In this ACRA doesn’t allow DIY option and you will need to take up services of a corporate services provider to complete the ACRA lodgements.

It should also be noted that the appointment of diector must be filed within 30 days of appointment failing which ACRA will impose late filing penalties at the time of lodgement.

Things to be done after lodgement of appointment of director

Once the appointment has been completed you will need to:

  1. Update secretarial file with form 45, declaration of interest, ACRA lodgement and payment receipt
  2. Update minute books with directors resolution in writing or minutes of board meeting, as the case may be
  3. Update register of directors

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