Sometimes it can be tricky if you are not aware with share capital provisions in Singapore. Here are few points you must be aware of:

  1. Minimum no of shares- one share
  2. Currency- any currency in the world
  3. Value per share- any value per share
  4. It is recommended that per share value should be kept not less than 0.0001 as IRAS only supports 4 digit figures after decimal for online e-stamping for transfer of shares. If you have per share value of less than hundredth of a cent, you will need to go for physical stamp duty adjudication with IRAS.
  5. Premium/discount on shares not allowed. i.e. there is no par value of shares. The price per share will be the total amount payable for those shares.
  6. No concept of authorized capital- Companies do not have authorized capital and can increase their capital up to any amount without any limitation by way of share allotments.
  7. Share capital can be in multiple currency. A company can have a portion of its share capital in one currency and remaining in another (one or more) currency(ies).
  8. ACRA (Registrar of Companies) keeps records of only broad classes of shares (equity/preference/others) and records of subcategories (such as equity/preference class A, equity/preference class B etc) are held internally by Company.
  9. Treasury shares are allowed- Company can hold its own shares.
  10. Bearer shares are not allowed.
  11. In Singapore, preemptive rights of shareholders of private companies are not provided by statute but by constitution documents only. I know its a bit technical. If you can understand this, we can be associates or friends. If you can’t understand this, I can be your consultant.

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