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If you already have a Singpass, you may proceed to do filings using bizfile website for the companies you are listed in ACRA Records as a director or a company secretary. However there are certain transactions which can be lodged only by a corporate services provider such as lodgement of charges, appointment of a foreigner as a director etc.

Another limitation of singpass access is that you may not be able to resign yourself and you may only appoint only local residents as directors. Further these local residents will need to endorse such appointment using their own singpass.

However, for those of you who believe in DIY culture, before we proceed further, please take note that doing ACRA lodgement is not the only legal requirement and any transaction that is being lodged with ACRA must be backed up with necessary documentations, resolutions and procedures as per Companies Act as well as memorandum and articles of association of the company. ACRA leaves the onus of proof that the necessary procedures have been followed prior to such lodgement with the person making the lodgement.

Merely the fact that no document is required to be uploaded to ACRA bizfile during lodgement doesn’t mean that no such document is required. I shall be listing out the documents and procedures gradually in my future posts.

Coming back to original topic, ACRA bizfile can only be accessed via singpass. For those of you who are not aware what is Singpass , please take note that Singpass is an extremely personal password given to a Singapore resident (citizens, permanent residents, employment pass holders and S Pass holders) to liaise online with goverment for a number of different government organizations. It is linked with an individuals NRIC or FIN no and if you are not a local resident, you will not be able to get a singpass and will not be able to access ACRA Bizfile. Also please do not request singpass of your local director or company secretary as singpass is not supposed to be shared as all government records are linked via this singpass and should not be shared with anyone. In absence of singpass you will need to take up services of any corporate services provider to complete the lodgements with ACRA using their professional number provided by ACRA to them.

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